Barcelona: Gaudi’s Heritage

The out of this world interior of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This worldwide famous basilica is one of the numerous works by Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona’s most prominent architect of the early XX century. The construction of this church began in 1882 and what doesn’t cease to amaze, it’s still unfinished! Gaudi’s original design calls for a total of eighteen spires, but presently only eight of them have been completed. The completion of the towers will make Sagrada Familia the tallest church building in the world!

London: Good Old London

Remember the scene in one of the Sherlock Holmes movies, when Robert Downey Jr. almost falls down from the bridge under construction? That’s right, it’s the famous Tower Bridge in London! Its history begun in 1872, when the English Parliament decided to build a second bridge on the Thames River. Designed by architect Horace Jones, finished in 1894, is now the most visited attraction of London, right after Big Ben. Considered a masterpiece of the XIX century engineering, still impresses with its beauty, especially at night.

Krakow: Cracovian Summer

The biggest medieval town square in Europe. High quality restaurants and the biggest fun for a weekend for really good prices. The nicest people in the world. And one of the newest popular destinations in Europe. Welcome to Krakow!

Venice: Down by the Canals

Thinking of a city break before the summer weather’s really over? Venice is just the spot for you! Unique and nothing similar to the places we’ve already visited, it’s a great destination for romantic weekend getaways!

Iceland: The Splendor of Nature

There are not many countries in this world where you can feel as close to nature as in Iceland. The most scenic waterfalls are just there, right under your nose and Gullfoss is even under an hour drive from Reykjavik. But be prepared – its beauty and mightiness can take your breath away!

Cinque Terre: Five Towns on the Rocks

On the far northwestern end of Italia, stand five small towns, linked together by trains and, even better, picturesque walking paths. Most famous one – Via dell’Amore as they call it, spreading from Manarola to Riomaggiore. This is the epitome of romance on Earth. With pastel-coloured house casually sitting on high rocks, overlooking the ever-mesmerising Mediterranean Sea, it’s the place to fall in #love over and over. Welcome to Cinque Terre, the destination of the first trip we made together!


Istanbul: The Glamour of Bosphorus

Maiden’s Tower standing all alone among the waves of Bosphorus. Built in 1100, is one of the most recognizable symbols of the amazing city of Istanbul.