Cappadocia: The Land of Beautiful Horses

Named “The Land of Beautiful Horses” in the ancient language,‪ Cappadocia‬ might not host a variety of these animals, but it has no shortage of hot air balloons of all colours occupying the sky every morning. It is undeniably one of the best places in the world for this attraction, as the landscape with the regions’s unique rock formations allow unforgettable views.

#itsmorefun inthephilippines

To all the beach lovers out there! If you haven’t seen the Philippines yet, do so as soon as you can! Thousands of islands to explore and their unique beauty to admire will definitely make it one of the best trips of your lifetime. We strongly recommend island hopping from Palawan – a great opportunity to swim into the wonderful Big Lagoon.

Iceland: The Splendor of Nature

There are not many countries in this world where you can feel as close to nature as in Iceland. The most scenic waterfalls are just there, right under your nose and Gullfoss is even under an hour drive from Reykjavik. But be prepared – its beauty and mightiness can take your breath away!

Cinque Terre: Five Towns on the Rocks

On the far northwestern end of Italia, stand five small towns, linked together by trains and, even better, picturesque walking paths. Most famous one – Via dell’Amore as they call it, spreading from Manarola to Riomaggiore. This is the epitome of romance on Earth. With pastel-coloured house casually sitting on high rocks, overlooking the ever-mesmerising Mediterranean Sea, it’s the place to fall in #love over and over. Welcome to Cinque Terre, the destination of the first trip we made together!

Morocco: 52 Days to Timbuktu

Tinfou Dunes located 4 hours south-east from Ouarzazate in Morocco, often called the Door to Sahara are what you would call a “pocket version” of the real desert itself. Short half day trip to the dunes was definitely one of the highlights of our short but intense holidays in Morocco. Be sure to get a camel ride, or if you have more time, go down south to M’hamid for the real Sahara experience!