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  1. Hey,

    You have the coolest profile on Instagram and I love your website! Where was the coolest destination you have been to? I have a new blog with my partner called the The Travelling Mooseys, which is centred around our travel adventures and ideas. We wondered whether we could please ask you a huge favour by giving us a shout out? We would be hugely appreciated and give you shout out aswell.

    Here is the link to our Blog:

    Instagram account is: the_travelling_moose

    We look forward to your response!

    Please Keep Posting 🙂

    Nico and Vicky

    1. Post

      Hey guys!

      Thanks for your comment! Our favourite trip was Iceland, we loved the nature there. We wrote about that experience too, don’t forget to check it out! 🙂

      You have a very nice instagram profile and blog! We’d be happy to give you a shout out.

      Never stop travelling! 🙂

      Bekran and Aga

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